CATS Sales Performance Management (SPM) keeps businesses on target with an integrated suite of SPM applications for planning, designing, allocating and managing incentive compensation, data integration and transformation, territory and channel management, quota and target management, goal setting, modeling, business intelligence and enterprise analytics, and workflow process automation.

Provided as a secure cloud service hosted by Centsoft, or as an on premise solution, CATS SPM delivers instant availability and universal access, at a very competitive price, with no upfront costs or commitments.

Flexible and efficient calculation, administration, and reporting of sales performance and incentive compensation.

Real-world capabilities and experience: big data, unlimited payees, multiple channels, complex plans and processes.

Simplified administration with click-thru calculation, analytics, reporting, workflow, and payment.

Visual, wizard-based, plan designer.

Real-time modeling and analytics on large data that drives smart business decisions.

Integrated territory management.

Quota management

Plan modeling with historical data or sales projections.

Powerful workflow management tools for building complex automated workflow processes.

Interactive, 1-click visual analytics on any data.

Automated dispute resolution.

On premise or on demand: High availability. Bullet-proof security. SAS70 II compliance. Anytime, anywhere browser-only access.

Simple and cost-effective pricing model.

First class hands-on support.

Review CATS features.

Read the FAQ.

  1. Combined 54 years of executive experience in the SPM industry.
  2. 20 year history of delivering, without exception, quality to our customers. We know how to implement compensation programs that work. Every time.
  3. Simple pricing model. The best price-performance value by any SPM vendor. We work efficiently and we treat you fairly.
  4. We can handle the big projects: complex plans, thousands of users, very large data sets, difficult and challenging processing requirements. We've seen it all.
  5. First-class service and support. We are committed to your success.
  6. Start-up is fast, in as little as 4 weeks.
  7. Guaranteed success or you pay nothing.
Surprised by the high cost of SPM?

The truth is, an SPM implementation, especially for a large organization, is a considerable undertaking. Although it is an undeniably good investment, and a business tool we wholeheartedly recommend, the high cost of SPM may prevent you from realizing its benefits.

Fortunately, we can help.

We hold a unique position as the only SPM vendor that can successfully deliver a large-scale, high-performance, full-featured solution at minimal risk and significantly lower cost.
It's simple. $45 per plan participant per month. The first month is free. There are no other fees.


All features of CATS SPM and CATS Portal are provided. Also includes comprehensive plan review, analysis, specification, implementation, dashboard and enterprise reporting customization, training, secure cloud hosting, automatic software upgrades, periodic plan modifications, and ongoing first-class support. No extra implementation fees, no commitments, no upfront costs, no setup costs, no custom reporting costs, no support costs, no upgrade fees, no software costs, and no extra fees for anything else.

(Have more than 100 participants? Please contact us for discounted pricing.)

We're good at what we do: our implementation methodologies and administration processes are smart, efficient, and reliable.

We have the best people. Our team of highly skilled engineers is the most capable and experienced in the industry.

We have the best software platform. You calculate compensation quickly and accurately. We implement more efficiently.

We built the most cost-effective SaaS framework available.

We focus more resources on providing a better service and less on sales and marketing.

We pass the savings on to you.

  1. We co-design and/or review your compensation plans with you or your consultant.
  2. We develop a Design Blueprint that details the plan specifics and data sources.
  3. The plans are implemented and independently tested by separate teams.
  4. You go live while we provide hands-on training, support, and assistance. The first processing period is free. Subsequent periods are billed at a low monthly fee.
Still unsure?

Let us show you.

Our proposal:

    Select a subset of your sales team, a territory, a business-line, a service category, etc.

    Let us implement your plans, and manage processing and reporting for a pay period, possibly in parallel with an existing system (this requires only a minimal commitment of your resources).

    You may continue to use CATS SPM and CATS Portal, and set up additional plans and add participants, for a straightforward, commitment-free, monthly fee. If you're not happy, you pay nothing.

Please contact us to discuss the specifics further.

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