Visual, wizard-based, plan designer

Create plans exclusively using click-and-point interface (no programming)

Predefined component library for all common plan types

Plan formulas are designed once and applied to multiple positions

Majority of plans can be defined using predefined templates

Natively extensible, by a full-featured, tightly integrated, database-independent, business-rule language

Does not rely on database specific stored procedures and scripts.

Calculation definitions and processing algorithms are defined as a set of business rules, independent of the underlying DBMS

Matrix builder automates the creation of matrix tables

Comprehensive help system

Wizards for common functions

Allows daily or weekly calculation to monitor performance (or any user-defined interval)

Automates delivery of participant and management reports via email

Automates distribution of participant and management reports via the CATS Portal

Work off-line and upload changes

Supports 10,000's of participants

Supports millions of transaction records

Supports an unlimited number of data tables

User-defined tables

User-defined interface with external data

Automatic import of data from external sources

Extensive support for backend databases: SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, and an internal database engine.

Ability to summarize information in external table without importing

Download individual goals via a spreadsheet

Ability to enter additional goals manually

Allows manual entry of performance, credit, and compensation data (with audit log)

View of data controlled and filtered by user name and password

Purge/archiving facility

Automatic archiving of all performance and compensation data

View errors by transaction item or by process

Automatic highlighting of transactions with errors

Notes can be attached to any transaction and compensation item

Automatic logging of manual changes to all data tables.

Unlimited number of concurrent compensation plans

Multiple incentive periods

Various data sources can be used to calculate incentives

Supports roll-ups

Supports all types of credit allocation rules

Top-down quota setting

Bottom-up quota setting

Decentralized and integrated quota interface

Supports import to and export from all system and plan tables

Rollup revenue and other incentive compensation at each pay cycle

Split compensation for a defined period following a territory change

Compensate simultaneous overlapping multi-period segments (YTD, QTD, MTD, WTD) on a given pay period

Administrator is guided through compensation processing by a plan manager wizard

Compensation processing is segmented into discrete steps to improve comprehension and increase flexibility

User-definable tables and records

Import and export support for all tables

Adjustment entry

Adjustment history viewing, auditing, and reporting

Charge backs

Adjustment audit trail

Attach notes to any transaction item & compensation result

Ranking reports

Commission statements

Achievement reports

Revenue reports

Compatible with all third party report writers

Extensive support for ad-hoc reporting

Interactive web-based report design and viewing

Create reports with no involvement of IT

Delivered with standard reports

Delivered with the capability to provide specific data statistical reports

Employee and manager can access payment information via Web

Duplicate checking

Exception processing

Order and line item detail

Import updates

Manual or automatic import of transactions

Automatic archiving of transactions

Import data into application managed tables or extract summary information from external data sources

Team selling

Organization rollup

Dynamic reorganization

Territory assignment

Adjusted value commission

Binary bonus


Bonus formula



Club awards

Commission calculation


Declining-rate commissions

Discrete performance cycles

Experience-based rates

Flat-rate commissions



Individual commission rate


Linked performance

Matrix commissions

MBO plans


Multiple comp plans

Organizational rollups

Payment triggers

Payout frequency

Profit calculation

Progressive-rate commissions

Quota-based commissions

Recoverable and non-recoverable draw

Rolling period commissions


Splitting commissions

Step bonus

Step-rate commissions

Target totals


Variable rate commission

(and more)

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