The CATS Calculation Engine is at the heart of everything CATS does. The result of 25 years of experience in building complex SPM systems in challenging environments, it provides a foundation for the accurate and efficient processing of sales information and enterprise data.

While meeting an ease-of-use standard with a visual, interactive designer, it is distinguished as being the only SPM technology that is natively extensible, by a full-featured, tightly integrated, database-independent, business-rule language.

As opposed to relying on third-party middle-tier tools for defining complex algorithms and data transformations, with the requisite inefficiencies, including the duplication of databases, the CATS Calculation Engine can natively support all conceivable plan calculation and business process requirements, eliminating data redundancy, at a processing efficiency, maintainability, and transparency that far surpasses all other available solutions.

Quite simply, the CATS Calculation Engine will elevate your compensation program to a level of efficiency, accuracy, reliability, and scalability that no one else can match.

The most advanced calculation engine in the industry.

Fast, accurate, reliable, scalable.

25 year history of advancements.

Build plans visually, using an interactive design tool.

Extend pre-defined templates with an integrated database-independent business-rule language for complex calculation rules.

Processing methodologies that seamlessly scale to very large data, thousands of payees, and complex processing algorithms.

DBMS neutral. Never relies on DBMS-specific queries, programming, and/or IT-maintained stored procedures.

Transparent calculation algorithms. Calculation rules are visible and maintainable by plan administrators not IT personnel.

Not multi-tenant. Multi-tenant SaaS implementations are slow, inflexible, and difficult to maintain.

Adjusted value commission

Binary bonus


Bonus formula



Club awards

Commission calculation


Declining-rate commissions

Discrete performance cycles

Experience-based rates

Flat-rate commissions



Individual commission rate


Linked performance

Matrix commissions

MBO plans


Multiple comp plans

Organizational rollups

Payment triggers

Payout frequency

Profit calculation

Progressive-rate commissions

Quota-based commissions

Recoverable and non-recoverable draw

Rolling period commissions


Splitting commissions

Step bonus

Step-rate commissions

Target totals


Variable rate commission

(and more)

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