CATS Integrated ETL, a functional layer between the CATS Calculation Engine and the underlying database, provides a high level API for data retrieval, transformation, and processing.

Calculation definitions and processing algorithms are defined as a set of business rules, independent of the underlying DBMS, and do not rely on database specific stored procedures and scripts. Therefore, CATS can connect seamlessly to a variety of backend data servers, including an internal desktop DBMS, and execute consistent business processing rules, without manual modifications, that are easily viewed and maintained by compensation administrators.

In addition, third-party, add-on ETL tools are not required. The tight connection of CATS Integrated ETL to the calculation engine enables processing speeds that cannot be achieved by competing products.

Logically separates the CATS Calculation Engine from the underlying DBMS providing data abstraction and flexibility.

Extensive support for backend databases: SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, and an internal database engine.

Don't duplicate your data. Query it wherever it is: worksheets, XML, web services, and big data on multiple onsite and remote servers, without time-consuming pre-processing and unnecessary transformation.

Transfer, load, move information between any server platform and a local integrated DBMS. Model plans, run analytics, change plan parameters, set quotas, in the cloud, on your server, and on your laptop or tablet.

Preconfigured solutions and templates to a majority of the most heavily utilized applications deployed today, including: Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, IBM, Salesforce, WorkDay, NetSuite.

Closely integrated to the CATS Calculation Engine. Not a third-party add-on. Eliminates data duplication and processing inefficiency.

View, edit, build queries, define tables, import, export, analyze, report, and chart in a single interface.

Integrated 1-click Datacube technology.

Your data is always maintained in a private secure server, never in a shared, multi-tenant database.

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